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2016 March



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By Frances Harper

Yarmo – BBC EAST ‘Inside Out’

On 23, Mar 2016 | In Uncategorized | By Frances Harper

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By chance, one afternoon, I meet a group of women, keen to tell me about their work as stitch-lockers and machinists in Gt. Yarmouth. As part of their daily work, I discover that they are producing garments that have become a fashion trend in Japan.

GT YARMOUTH is steeped in maritime history, and was once a major fishing port. In recent years it has become better known as a popular seaside resort with its Summer shows on the Pier, and Golden Mile. Shops and restaurants now meet the demand of a culturally diverse population.

Located along the quayside is Yarmo, a factory that started producing garments for the fishing industry, and has since continued to produce work overalls and uniforms. Everything looks the same as it has for many years, but times are changing.
This is YARMO, a manufacturing hotspot for fashion. Production is on the increase because Kenzaburo Suzuki, a Japanese designer, has discovered that little has changed at Yarmo. They offer a style that he is looking for, everything that is British for his brand. Their annual visits to the factory with their flashing cameras tell a story embraced by shoppers in Japan.


Sara Thornton with designer, Kenzaburo Suzuki